18 July 2017

Hello High Level! We are looking for an individual to teach a group of kids a traditional dance for an hour. If you or somebody you know is interested, please contact us to make arrangements. It would make our Canada 150 craft/activity program even better. Thank you so much! smiley

Week of July 18th

17 July 2017

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Here is our weekly update with whats happening this week. Tuesday for Canada 150, we will be learning Traditional Handgames with Rodney Metacat. Wednesday with our Wee Ones and Mums we will be making a stop in Asia. Thursday will be Liquid Rainbows in our Physics experiment. Fun Friday will be Round Robin Tic-Tac-Toe again, since we got rained out last week.

Scrapbooking Event

10 July 2017

This month the scrapbooking event will take place on July 14th and 15th. It is a potluck on Saturday. Drinks will be provided. It starts Friday at 6:00 and is done Saturday at 7:00. There is a fee of $15 for the entire weekend. 

Paint Night

10 July 2017

Join us for another paint night on August 4th at 6pm. Messy Joys and Art, Mary Bartsh, will be presenting a Sailboat masterpiece for us to recreate into our own. The event will be a 3 hour event. All materials are supplied. It will be in the Town Hall- Program Room. There is a fee of $40 for this event. Please pay this fee when you register for the event.

Week of July 11th

10 July 2017

Happy Monday morning High Level! Here is the list of activities which will be occurring through the week. Toonie Tuesday craft is Marshmallow Igloos for Canada 150. Wee Ones and Mums will be making their next stop in the South Pacific. Discovery Thursday will be making a change to their line-up with experimenting with plant systems. Elephant Toothpaste will be put on hold until the peroxide arrives. Fun Fridays will be a Round-Robin Tournament of Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe. Just a reminder that Tuesdays and Thursdays are $2. All materials are provided including the snack. Parents and Guardians, please remember that we are asking you to pre-register you child to make sure they have a guaranteed spot in these programs. Thank you for making last week such a success. See you this week! smiley