Wrap Up Programs

News Date: 
09 August 2017

Here are the details about our wrap ups for our programs.

Tuesday the 15th, we will be having our Teen Reading Program wrap up. This is a spy cosplay event. No weapons please. It will be happening here in the library at 7pm. There will be a movie and some cool spy activities. The grand prize will be drawn as well.

Wednesday the 16th, is our Welcome Back craft with our Wee Ones and Mums. It will run from the same time as the rest of the summer, 10am.

Thursday the 17th, we are having a wrap up for the Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday programs. It will be at Centennial Park (Splash Park) at 11:30 am. It will run until 1pm.

Anyone who participated is more than welcome to join us. We look forward to seeing you there.