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Tuesday next week, August 14th, at 11:30 is our wrap up party for Toonie Tuesday, Discovery Thursday, and Fun-Friday programming. It starts at 11:30. Anyone who participated in those programs throughout the summer is free to join us. 

Wednesday the 15th of August is our Wee Ones and Mums wrap up party. It is the during the regular schedule time for the program. It is Alice in...

This is the last week of regular scheduled programming! Polly the Parrot has been moved for the last time and she sits on the burried treasure. 

On Tuesday we have Sports day at 1:30 for anyone ages 7-12. One Wednesday we have magic, witches, and wizards at 10 fo our 3-6's. Thursday at 2 is our last stop in the body,m the brain. Anyone 9-13 can join us. Friday is capture the...

Hi everyone! Polly the Parrot has moved again and she has your next challenge from Captain Crunch. 

Good morning everyone! Polly the Parrot has moved once again and has the next challenge for you.

Happy Monday everyone! Polly the Parrot has Captain Barbossa's challenge waiting for you.

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