Computers and the Internet

Public Computers

We have computers available for public access. These computers do not save data to the desktop and files that need to be saved, must be saved to a USB. The computers have the Microsoft Office programs installed so editing or creating a document is easy! Each patron gets a minimum of a half an hour to a maximum of one hour on the computer. We do not monitor the activity of children on the computers. Those under 16 wanting to use the computers need a parent to sign a permission form. 

Visit Scanning, Printing, Copying and Faxing for more information on these services. 

Internet and WiFi

We offer free internet access on our public computer workstations and WiFi for your mobile devices. To log in to the WiFi, enter your library card barcode and PIN. 

Children under 16 need to have a permission slip signed by a parent before they are allowed access to the computers or WiFi.

Oculus Rift

We are very happy to say that the High Level Municipal Library as an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System available for public use! There are a nice variety of exciting games and immersive experiences! There is something for everyone.